Post market surveillance requirements for a Telecommunications Certification Body

You may have received a request to send your product/device to ACB, or an affiliated laboratory, to be audited. The information below may help explain the TCB surveillance program and help guide you through the audit process.

As a Certification Body, ACB Inc is required to perform post-market surveillance on 5% of certifications issued each year. These requirements are detailed in FCC KDB#610077, ISED (formerly Industry Canada) RSP-100 and ISO17065.

Of the 5%, 1% must consist of SAR. The samples selected must be tested and evaluated to all FCC/Industry Canada requirements, which include packaging, marketing, user manual, labeling and software used. The tests performed are dependent on the type of device.

Each manufacturer must prepare for surveillance and keep samples readily available upon request of ACB and/or FCC, ISED Canada.

For more information about the surveillance programs directly from the regulatory agencies that mandate them please review the web links below.

Please contact ACB with any questions or concerns you may have about our surveillance program.

Jennifer Sanchez 
ACB Surveillance Program Manager Email Jennifer
Location: Washington State USA